मंगलवार, 19 मई 2015

Hindi funny joke

जो छोटी उम्र मिड डे मील की घूघरी भी ,
कभी बड़े चाव से खाती थी


अब वो 21 की होकर आजकल पिज्जा-बर्गर के लिए भाव खाती है,,,,!!!!
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Amul baby on Amul price !

Amul Baby
Amul baby is known for making Ads on global issues or say current trends . I tried making fun of Amul by Amul baby ! 

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बुधवार, 13 मई 2015

earthquake again


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मंगलवार, 12 मई 2015

meme on salman , jaylalitha verdict

This is the latest meme on salman , jaylalitha verdict. You may like this :)  
meme on salman , jaylalitha verdict
meme on salman , jaylalitha verdict 
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बुधवार, 6 मई 2015

#SalmanVerdict - funny joke

#SalmanVerdict -funny joke. 

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मंगलवार, 5 मई 2015

IPL funny meme

funny IPL meme
IPL funny meme

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IIN Joke - Sachin tendulkar

What if Sachin Tendulkar make IIN advertisement ?? via Whatsapp
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IIN joke
Other Funny Stuff- 
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सोमवार, 4 मई 2015

Rohit Sharma Joke - IPL joke

Rohit Sharma : I love you
Girl : what can you do for me ?
Rohit : Mai tumhare liye chand tare laa sakta hu
Girl : really ? le ke aao
Rohit brings Aditya tare and Unmukt Chand from MI team
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शुक्रवार, 1 मई 2015


Dad – Why didn’t you go for the exams?
Son – The paper was tough!
Dad – Without going how do you know that?

Son – The paper was leaked 2 days ago!

Other Funny Stuff- 

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india pakistan joke

He-  तुम्हारे डैड आतंकवादी हैं?
She- NO,क्यों?
He-  Because you are a bomb

He-  तुम्हारे अब्बु आतंकवादी हैं?
She- हाँ
He-  *awkward silence*

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