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So let's start what all become very famous and funny in 2015? 

2015 best jokes and tweets
2015 viral jokes

  1. No doubt First rank is "Airtel 4G Girl".
    Lot of funny tweets ans facebook posts around her on social media. 
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  2. Second rank is most controversial comment on intolerance by Aamir Khan . People made lot of fun on it on specially twitter.
    Click here to read top funny comments on intolerant Aamir Khan 
  3. Third rank goes to "ODD- EVEN LOGIC" by Arvind Kejriwal : 
    There were somany meme and funny logic around this topic by pjpatakha team and on twitter. 

    Click here to read all funny tweets on #ODDEVENLOGIC trend 
  4. Fourth rank goes to : whatsapp smilies:
    There was trend making jokes using whats app smiles. lot of same jokes around whatsapp and twitter. In case if you missed it
    Click here to read "
    Height of Usage of Whatsapp Similes"
  5. Fifth rank goes to : Jokes on Narendra modi's foreign trips
    Congress and Aaptards started making fun of Narendra modi's used to foreign trips : 

    Click here to read : 
    मोदीजी की विदेश यात्राओ पर जोक्स - जिसे पढ़ के आप अपनी हसी रोक नहीं पाओगे

    Modi also got trolled because of photoshoped news on his chennai flood visit.

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  6. "DJ wale babu mera gana bajade" song came and twitter trolled it with the hashtag #TrollDJ  

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