Recently, Due to heavy rain in delhi, delhi roads got flooded. Gautam Gambhir tweeted on this. And Virendra Sehwag nailed it in reply. Here are the both houmouras tweets of Gambhir and sehwag on Delhi government. Virendra Sehwag trolled Delhi Government with odd-even as well as Rain, Two sixers in one ball !! 

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Virendra Sehwag Trolls
Gautam Gambhir Tweeted - 

"May be it's time we started buying boats in Delhi since the authorities responsible can't solve basic civic troubles! #DelhiRains

In his Reply, Virendra Sehwag Totally Nailed it - 
"Good Idea Bro! but make sure you buy two boats. one with even plate, another with odd one "

PS - this is the fake account of virender sehwag, later came to know, but anyway hilarious.


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