Apple recently launched iphone X and iphone 8. After knowing features and prices of the phones Android users started trolling the iPhone. here are the funny Apple iPhone X jokes and memes.

Funny Memes on iphone X

Apple iPhone X jokes and memes

Here is the meme on iPhone Face Recolonization

funny memes on iphone x

iphone X funny Jokes

These Iphone X jokes are hilarious -
Power goes ppl open torch in their normal mobile. Guy with an iPhoneX - "Someone show light on my face so that I can unlock my phone"

Guy1:Ever since I gifted my gf iPhoneX I get no late night calls Guy2:Why
Guy1:Bina makeup woh khud ko nahi pehchan pati,phone kya pechanega

iPhoneX is all about FaceID

Ummm... What about Chinese??

iphone X funny Tweets


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