Christmas is on the way. Here are the funny videos that will crack you down. So stay safe 

Top 10 funniest videos on Christmas -

1. Funniest Christmas FAILS

Here is the funniest video on Christmas fails during Christmas celebration 


2. Funny Jingle Bells song Bhojpuri version

Jingle bells song of bhojpuri Indian version got very popular this time. It is hilarious too. 

3. Wait till the End 18 plus only 

Here is the most funny video of santa. This half minute video will make fall down from bed. Strict age restrictions

4. Funny Minions video on Christmas
Here are the minions for you. They will make you laugh as always. One of the funniest minion video. 

5. Funny Christmas vines

Here are the funny Christmas vines which will make your mood. Some of them are very funny. 


Here is the lucky santa  

Top 5 funniest videos on christmas

Here is the other funny post on Christmas -

Funny Christmas images : Santa clause's gift to Indian VIPs ! 



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