सोमवार, 18 जून 2018

Antivirus jokes and memes

Sometimes computer virus looks like crap. It's slow down computer as well as not detect any virus even though you are facing problems. 

Antivirus jokes

How to f*** up your life?

1. Use BSNL internet
2. Install IE
3. Install avast antivirus
4. Install Adobe updates
5. Start seeding torrents


I noticed you're using Norton antivirus

I too like to live dangerously 


Yo, I heard you like antivirus...

So I put antivirus in your antivirus so you can antivirus while you antivirus!


Ransomware virus tried to enter SBI software.

Hackers got a popup saying Abhi lunch time hai.. baad mein aao. (It's lunch time , come later) 


Antivirus memes

 This is how mcafee searches the virus
Antivirus memes
Antivirus memes
 This is what happens to all antivirus , when new virus comes in market ! 

Antivirus memes

 Other funny memes

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