Now a days memes are trending on all social media. Memes are used for fun, for advertisement, for promotions etc. To create best memes you also need good templates. SO for android there are thousands of apps available to create memes. Here, problem is some provides platform to create memes Some provides just templates. Here are the list of apps those provides everything a memer needs. 

Best Android apps to create memes


1. Meme Maker - (click here to download)

Meme maker provides Best meme templates, image editor to create memes, image mergers, facility to combine multiple images, funny strikers. So it provides almost everything a memer needs. 

Main features of Meme Maker :

- Create the meme using inbuilt funny & trending meme templates.
- In the built-in meme gallery you can find meme templates on Indian, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Cartoons Cricket, Sports, and Jokes templates.
- You can upload any picture from your device to create a custom meme template.
- Developers are constantly updating trending meme templates in the meme gallery.
- Hundreds of included funny stickers.
- You can also create custom stickers.
- We provide thug-life, message bubbles, and other smiley stickers.
- Favorite feature allows you to create a list of favorite memes.
- Ability to crop images in different ratios.
- Add borders around any meme
- You can change the aspect ratio of meme template as per your requirement
- Easily Merge more than one meme in a single template or make the collage of memes. (2 memes template,3 meme template,4 memes template)
- Add or change text, background color, text color, and many more things.
- No watermarks are added for meme lovers.
- You can download memes in your Gallery.
- Share memes easily on all social media platforms.
- 500+ meme templates.
- 50+ Stickers.
- 10+ popular meme font options.
(click here to download)

2. Meme Generator Free (click here to download) -
With Meme Generator you can create the funniest memes and share them with your friends through your favorite apps.
The limitation with this app is creating meme app with multiple images is bit difficult.

Main features of Meme Generator:
✓ More than 1000 high quality meme templates with lots of hilarious example captions
✓ Custom meme support makes it possible to use any picture from your device
✓ Deep fry your memes and add other funny effects to memes
✓ Weekly community content updates
✓ Generate your own Breaking News memes
✓ Share memes through any app on your device or save them to your gallery
✓ Hundreds of included stickers with the possibility to create custom stickers
✓ Adjust text color and size freely
✓ More than 60 fonts to choose from
✓ Create complex modern or classic memes with multiple captions
✓ Combine multiple saved memes into one multi panel meme
✓ Ability to crop images to fit different formats
✓ Add borders around any picture
✓ Favorite memes feature allows you to create your own list of favorite memes
✓ No watermarks are added to memes
✓ Your privacy is our top priority – Meme Generator does NOT automatically upload any meme you create or import
✓ Create any type of dank meme format, even immensely popular Deep Fried effect memes
(click here to download)

 3. Memeto
(click here to download)
Memeto - Free Meme maker is the best and easiest app to create your own meme. Meme Maker is ready with customizing options such as meme style & layout, text colors, text size, fonts, 1000+ stickers and trending funny meme images & HD photos.


✓ Create meme from your own images or photos
✓ Huge collections of funny images & photos to create funny memes
✓ Choose solid color as a background
✓ 80+ funny & trending memes faces
✓ 1000+ beautiful stickers & emoji
✓ Easy and advanced meme layout adjustment
✓ Easily change caption font, colors and size
✓ Create any type of memes
✓ Meme style quote maker and quote creator
✓ Create colorful memes
✓ 200+ creative fonts
✓ No watermark
✓ Add your own watermark on memes.

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